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Even coming from a well-known family (Grandson of evangelist Billy Graham; son of Danny & Anne Graham Lotz), Jonathan is certainly no stranger to pain and suffering. Though he didn’t think it would ever happen to him, Jonathan experienced athletic disappointment, then cancer, then divorce, then unemployment. Jonathan tells how God has brought him through challenge after challenge. You’ll be infused with hope as he shares his story of how God has changed his life through the Power of the Cross of Jesus Christ.

Jonathan directs Jonathan Lotz Ministries. This ministry is an evangelistic ministry committed to preaching the Word of God and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a world in need of hope. He has preached the Gospel across the United States, including North Carolina where he makes his home, as well as in foreign countries. He has served on staff with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association; the Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Build the Village, a missions organization in East Africa; and Park Cities Presbyterian Church (PCA).

Jonathan desires to: Encourage the Leader; Equip the Laymen; and Evangelize the Lost. He preaches regularly in the U.S. leading revivals for churches, speaks at retreats, engages communities for Here's Hope projects, leads chapel services, trains folks in evangelism and much more. 

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